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Healthy Habits: Piezoelectric Effect In Our Bones

What does the Piezoelectric Effect have to do with our bones? Before I tell you, a short science lesson may be helpful.

What is the Piezoelectric Effect?

Simple Definition: The Piezoelectric Effect is simply the generation of a voltage when something is compressed, stretched, or twisted.  Quartz crystals have this unusual property as do bones.

Because of this effect in Quartz-crystals they are used extensively in electronic systems. You probably have a several them in your home, in your car and there are many in your computer.  For instance, the striker button on your barbecue generates a voltage or electric charge which ignites the flame by compressing a Quartz-crystal. So when you light your barbecue, the Piezoelectric Effect has been set in motion. There are about as many quartz-crystal oscillators and resonators manufactured each year as there are people on the planet.
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