Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2021)

You know the song, “What Can I Give Him…” as we think about the most precious birth in the history of mankind.  I believe it is LOVE!  The Father showed His love by giving us the gift of His Beloved Son, as part of His perfect plan of happiness.  I believe the best way we can show our love is by living and sharing His “Message of Gladness” brought to us by our Savior, who worked out a perfect and infinite atonement as part of Father’s perfect plan.

A Change of Plans

I published my book, in 2014 as my gospel outreach to the world.  I am pleased that now over 93 thousand people visit the book’s website annually, and the number is increasing from over 100 nations.  Over the last year, I have been working on the fourth version of that book up until recently.  Because of wise counsel from my Sweetheart of 62 years and encouragement from our son, Nathan, and daughter, Karie, I changed my mind. “Dad, you need to write another book” was the driving force toward a different path.

After going up on the mountain and praying, I felt the title to be, “Time and Eternity; The End-times Revealed and Beyond.”  I was surprised that “Time and Eternity” had not been taken as a book title.  It is a fun book to write and I am about halfway through – lots of new stuff.  My goal, is, of course, to bring people to Christ, as we anticipate His coming.

My Gift To You – My Readers

My gift to you, my readers, I share below two of the most important article links on my “It’s About Time Book” website. As you have experienced, this site is very diverse with lots of fun science stuff, information on how to improve your health, and some extremely important spiritual perspectives.”

1. The following link is unique because I use the scientific method to validate the scriptures.  This is incredibly far-reaching to those who have lost faith: Don’t Bypass “And It Came To Pass”.

2.  Given the crazy pandemic scare across the globe, this article is an excellent combatant, as it shares how you can have a strong immune system to be strong and healthy: Fundamental Messages for a Strong Immunity.

Merry Christmas

Thank you, kind readers, for taking the time to read my blog. I pray you have enjoyed the diversity of material – And, a Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

David W. Allan ; last night we had five planets lined up with the moon 🙂  And a week from tomorrow 21 December 2021 at 1558 UTC ( 8:58 AM Mountain Time) we have the Winter Solstice!

PS:  Family is Best – I would like to introduce you to part of my wonderful family.








We had five of our seven children at a family reunion in July: (back row) Nathan, McKaylee, Kyme Lambson, Mary Owen Grimm holding Isaac, Ben holding Adera, (front row) Kevn and Celeste Lambson, Karie Clingo with grand-daughters, Kylie and Bailey, Joya Grimm, Shelli Allan Owen and my wife, Edna Love Ramsay Allan, who is holding me up. Nate’s wife, Hayley, took the picture.

PPS: I think you will find the following of interest:  In chapter 5 of my book, “It’s About Time”, there is a documented miracle of how our granddaughter, Mary Owen Grimm, was miraculously found after a serious falling accident on Mt. Hood.  Her fall made her basically immobile and she spent six days and nights at the bottom of the Sandy glacier in March of 2013.

As a direct answer to prayer on the part of Mary and literally thousands of people, she was found.  It is a totally documented miracle.  Mary’s mother Shelli, our oldest daughter, along with her husband Bruce, and of course Mary herself, has just published a book detailing the experience.

They have done an outstanding job writing and publishing the full story: Mountain Rescue – A True Story of Unexpected Mercies and Deliverance. It is a heart grabber.  Her experience would make a great movie.   It reminds me of the Cokeville Miracle, which made immediate national news, on May 16th, 1986,  where the whole elementary school in Cokeville, WY, was held hostage.  Massive prayers were focused and angels intervened to save the lives of all 154 hostages.  After a two-and-a-half hour standoff the bomb the perpetrators had brought exploded, which was designed to kill everyone there, if they didn’t get the $2 million ransom per student they were demanding.

Movies and books have been written documenting the miraculous set of events around what happened on that day.  This supernatural saving of lives affected that community forever and much of the world who tuned into it.  God is GOOD; SO GOOD,  and His Son was given to the world with His message of salvation and exaltation through His infinite love filled atonement.