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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2021)

You know the song, “What Can I Give Him…” as we think about the most precious birth in the history of mankind.  I believe it is LOVE!  The Father showed His love by giving us the gift of His Beloved Son, as part of His perfect plan of happiness.  I believe the best way we can show our love is by living and sharing His “Message of Gladness” brought to us by our Savior, who worked out a perfect and infinite atonement as part of Father’s perfect plan.

A Change of Plans

I published my book, www.ItsAboutTimeBook.com in 2014 as my gospel outreach to the world.  I am pleased that now over 93 thousand people visit the book’s website annually, and the number is increasing from over 100 nations.  Over the last year, I have been working on the fourth version of that book up until recently.  Because of wise counsel from my Sweetheart of 62 years and encouragement from our son, Nathan, and daughter, Karie, I changed my mind. “Dad, you need to write another book” was the driving force toward a different path.

After going up on the mountain and praying, I felt the title to be, “Time and Eternity; The End-times Revealed and Beyond.”  I was surprised that “Time and Eternity” had not been taken as a book title.  It is a fun book to write and I am about halfway through – lots of new stuff.  My goal, is, of course, to bring people to Christ, as we anticipate His coming.
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