NO Was My Answer to Prayer

I was kneeling in prayer by my chair in my office because of a degree of angina that was bothering me.  I was asking the Lord what to do about the problem.  After finishing my prayer and while still kneeling, I looked to the left of my chair on the floor was an open box, and in the box was a book entitled The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution, by Nathan S. Bryan and Janet Zand with Bill Gottlieb.  NO was my answer!!!!!

Direct Answer to Prayer

Included in the box were some test strips to measure my NO level using my saliva.  I was low.  There was also in the box some neo-40 for boosting my NO level.  After following the recommendations in the book and boosting my NO level with neo-40, my NO level was optimum after only a week, and my angina is gone!!!!!  THANK YOU, LORD, for that direct answer to my prayer.

Heart Attack, Stress and NO the Answer

I had a heart attack on 1 August 2016 due to stress – requiring quadruple bypass open-heart surgery.  I recovered remarkably well, and have been doing various things to deal with the stress in my life.  But this angina keeps popping up from time to time.  It has never been severe since I had my heart surgery.  I desire to be an effective servant for the Lord, and so I wanted to deal with it, and I believe NO was the answer!

I use Dr. Khalsa’s relaxation exercise for lowering my blood pressure, to deal with stress, and it helps with NO production as well.

The typical American diet is far from optimum for having the needed Nitric Oxide for optimum health, and this may explain one of the fundamental reasons why Americans die from chronic diseases and not from old age.  Only about 1 % of the populace die of old age.

Nitric Oxide Benefits

Here are some highlights from the book The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution that were helpful for me. You may benefit as well.  Nitric Oxide (NO) is manufactured in the endothelium lining of the circulatory system.  The endothelium is only one cell thick, but its coverage is wherever the blood flows — making it the largest organ in the body with an area the size of a soccer field!  When we have enough NO, then it signals the muscles to increase blood flow as needed wherever the body signals it to do so.

If we don’t have enough NO, then the probability of essentially any of the chronic diseases increases.  The chronic diseases they list in the book that an optimum level of nitric oxide helps to avoid are far-reaching: cardiovascular, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, cancer, bladder problems, breathlessness, dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, eye including glaucoma, infections, insomnia, kidney, osteoporosis, and the list goes on.

Nitric Oxide also regulates insulin signaling and secretion.  So, if there is not enough NO, then the disease “insulin resistance” is a result.  The book I found in answer to prayer was written in 2010, so, it predates a lot of the work of Dr. Benjamin Bikman and colleagues on the great importance of insulin balance in the body.  Dr. Bikman shares in his book, Why We Get Sick, that an estimated 80 % of adult Americans have this disease, and he also shares how to overcome it.  So, NO is a partial answer to this disease as well!

The 1998 Noble Prize

The Noble Prize in 1998 was for the discovery of NO as the signaling molecule in the lining of the arteries and a must factor in the prevention of hypertension, heart disease, and strokes.

How Do We Get Enough NO?

Proper diet, exercise, rest, relaxation, hydration, supplementation, and take a hot bath are the main ways listed in the book to increase NO.  I was surprised to learn that L-arginine can be bad for you if you are over 40 years old – potentially causing cardiovascular issues as well as blood clotting issues.  Traditionally, L-arginine is thought of as a good means to build up NO.  I was taking it before I learned this from the book and have had some blood clotting issues.

In terms of diet, leafy greens are the key and eating at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.  On page 64 of their book, The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution, they have a table listing the NO Index of different foods.  Extracted here are some of the common ones: Kale (6825), Swiss chard (2055), Spinach (1123), Bok choy (775), Beet (632), Chinese cabbage (499), lettuce (388), cabbage (312), Mustard greens (226), Cauliflower (raw 167), Parsley (150), Kohlrabi (136), Carrot (127), Broccoli (122), French fries and Ham (0)!  They suggest two servings of fish per week, and/or supplementing with fish oil to enhance the NO level in the body as well. Now that I have changed my diet, I hope other issues are resolved as well.

I supplement with neo-40, which I obtain from HumanN.  They also have test strips for measuring the NO level in the saliva.  They also have several other foods and supplements that one can use to increase the level of nitric oxide in your body.

The Benefit of Exercise

Exercise significantly increases the NO generated by the endothelium.  In fact, the more NO you have the easier it is to exercise.  In a study in the UK, men who drank a half-liter of nitrate-rich beet juice required 19% less oxygen to perform the same task as those who didn’t boost their NO level – showing significantly increased muscle efficiency.  At least 20 minutes per day of good aerobic exercise is good; then rest on the Sabbath!  Twenty minutes of deep breathing also augments NO generation.  This, of course, can be part of the exercise program.  Do exercises you enjoy; then, you will persist.

Sleep –  Rest – Relaxation

A good night’s sleep, rest, and relaxation exercises go a long way toward increasing NO production in the body.  Low NO may be a cause of sleep APNEA, which affects over 30 million Americans!  To get a good night’s sleep, stay away from caffeine and alcohol.  Don’t exercise just before bedtime.  Eat some tryptophan-containing foods, which the brain uses to make serotonin: bananas, cottage cheese, fish, dates, and turkey.

Water Hydration

Drinking eight-eight oz. glasses of water for a normal size person is very important to keep well hydrated to augment circulation.  I recently learned from Dr. William Li that barley augments circulation as well.  PERO is a nice barley drink, so that you don’t have to drink beer:)  He shares a nice recipe for a barley soup, as well.

Divine Design

Since 1998, as scientists have uncovered the different body mechanisms creating the optimum level of NO needed in the body, they have marveled.  Dr. Blake, one of the authors of the above book, and colleagues called these “backup” systems for the formation of nitric oxide “elegant physiologically redundant mechanisms… to ensure an abundant supply of nitric oxide for the myriad of processes that require them.”  I wrote in the margin of my book, “Doesn’t sound very evolutionary!” (p46)  These mechanisms manifest Divine design in our marvelous created bodies!

David W. Allan