Planting Seeds and a Fullness of Joy

You have heard, “You can count the seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the apples in a seed!”  Implicit in this statement is the infinite nature of the universe.  In the spring we plant our seeds in the garden and then after nourishing them and watering them we observe the miracle as they produce perhaps 100-fold after their own kind.

Like the parable of the mustard seed, we plant seeds of faith, and as they are nourished we grow in understanding of God’s marvelous ways, of His infinite love, of His Son’s infinite atonement, which gives full purpose to all of humanity and a hope for a fullness of joy in the eternities.

A husband and wife have the sacred privilege of planting seeds and having precious children in a healthy, happy, family setting.  We come to understand that the family is the most important unit in time and eternity, that family is the order in heaven, and that we can be an eternal family and receive a fullness of joy.  Hence, God has asked us to call Him, Father in Heaven.

Satan’s Encroachment

Satan, knowing the importance of family is doing everything he can to destroy this sacred unit.  The attack on family is pernicious, and the sacredness of the husband and wife relationship is being turned upside down with all the perversions that are becoming more and more prevalent.  We are witnessing a serious moral decay in our society as a result.  There must be over a thousand sexual perversions, and the seed of man is no longer sacred but caught up satanically in the lusts of the flesh.  A woman’s body is designed to receive her husband’s seed and miraculously make another human being; the spirit that comes into that body is a son or daughter of Heavenly Father.  With all the satanic perversions, the sacredness of the man and woman’s bodies is being lost; these perversions are all abominable before the Lord.

This moral decay is particularly serious in the United States, as this is the “Promised Land” given by the Lord’s blessing through the patriarch, Jacob (Israel), to his son, Joseph and his offspring as recorded in Genesis 49, and Joseph was the birthright son.  The Bible gives the rest of the story for the descendants of Judah (the Jews), but does not give it for the descendants of Joseph, yet he was the birthright son.  The Book of Mormon tells us the rest of the story of Joseph’s descendants.  In the Book of Mormon, it is clear that those who live here in American will serve the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ, or they will be swept off. (Ether 2:8)  We see the great importance for the people of this nation to repent.  I believe this is one of the main reasons the Lord had me write my book: .

Prophecy of Joseph in Egypt

Joseph in Egypt makes a fascinating prophecy in 2 Nephi 3:11, that there will come a day when the Book of Mormon will convince people of the truth of the Bible.  A recent survey shows that 93% of leading American scientists believe the Bible is a myth.  My book, with data, validates the Bible from modern scriptures.  LDS Living picked up on this:    New science is now coming forth to assist in this important validation, and to help people restore their faith.

The Key is to be Christ Centered

Regardless of whether this nation repents or not, we can chose to be Christ centered – planting our seeds of faith in Him and Father’s perfect plan of happiness.  In so doing, we are promised a fullness of joy with our precious families in the presence of God in the eternities.  There is no greater blessing.  All seed is sacred and so respected will lead to the fullness of joy we all desire.