The Firm Foundation Expo – Layton – David W Allan

Where we are in God’s TIME

When I learned in January that I was to speak at the Firm Foundation EXPO in Layton, Utah in April, I went into prayer: “Heavenly Father, you know who will be there for my talk and I don’t.  Please help me prepare that which will best help them to come to know Thee and Thy Beloved Son.”  The Lord answered my prayer, as I had several people come to me after my talk deeply touched by what I had shared.

One lady from Spain told me that she had lost her faith and came to the conference hoping to get it back, and that my talk was what she had hoped to find.  I rejoice to help the Lord in this most important work of helping His children come to know Him and to be on that path that leads to the greatest of happiness in this life and a fullness of joy in the life to come.

We live in the most exciting time in the history of the earth and we are at a critical juncture in science and religion as the truths of God are being unfolded in both of these critical areas of our lives.  The greatest challenge facing Christianity and the Church today is the satanic, secular-materialistic encroachment.  In my talk, I pointed out what these are and how to combat them.  I shared solid data showing the validity of the scriptures.

We saw some major signs from God in His heavens in 2017 and I build on those to show where we are in next the “Marvelous work and a wonder” that is yet come forth and that is beginning “as we speak.” (You can view the entire speech “Where we are in God’s Time”by clicking on the video image below.)

I worked very hard in preparing the discourse for the Firm Foundation EXPO in Layton and I believe the information shared will be of significant benefit to anyone who internalizes it – to build hope and faith in your hearts. The speech is far from perfect, but I felt the Lord’s help in the preparing and the sharing.  All the mistakes are mine!  I reach out in prayer to you and yours that you will benefit thereby to help you prepare for the establishment of Zion and the Glorious Coming of our Lord.


David W. Allan

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