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Book of Mormon EXPO on the Internet

Great News!  Over the Top!  Deal of the Century!

The Firm Foundation Book of Mormon EXPO Conference has generally been held twice a year in Utah at local conference center locations. This April Conference (April 9- 11 2020) was scheduled to be held in the Mountain America Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah. Owing to the present safety measures placed upon the community because of COVID-19, the conferences presentations will be streamed directly to all who sign up on line by way of the Internet.

Opportunity Now Open To The World

Many who have desired to attend the EXPO but have not been able to participate because of distance and travel, can now  participate in this remarkable event.

The Lord can turn every bad thing into good.  Even with the pandemic the EXPO goes on in a new way, sharing current insights and a better understanding the signs of the times, the Book of Mormon and the marvelous way it brings us to Christ, and what we can best do to prepare for the future.
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The Firm Foundation Expo – Layton – David W Allan

Where we are in God’s TIME

When I learned in January that I was to speak at the Firm Foundation EXPO in Layton, Utah in April, I went into prayer: “Heavenly Father, you know who will be there for my talk and I don’t.  Please help me prepare that which will best help them to come to know Thee and Thy Beloved Son.”  The Lord answered my prayer, as I had several people come to me after my talk deeply touched by what I had shared.

One lady from Spain told me that she had lost her faith and came to the conference hoping to get it back, and that my talk was what she had hoped to find.  I rejoice to help the Lord in this most important work of helping His children come to know Him and to be on that path that leads to the greatest of happiness in this life and a fullness of joy in the life to come.
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