Book of Mormon EXPO on the Internet

Great News!  Over the Top!  Deal of the Century!

The Firm Foundation Book of Mormon EXPO Conference has generally been held twice a year in Utah at local conference center locations. This April Conference (April 9- 11 2020) was scheduled to be held in the Mountain America Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah. Owing to the present safety measures placed upon the community because of COVID-19, the conferences presentations will be streamed directly to all who sign up on line by way of the Internet.

Opportunity Now Open To The World

Many who have desired to attend the EXPO but have not been able to participate because of distance and travel, can now  participate in this remarkable event.

The Lord can turn every bad thing into good.  Even with the pandemic the EXPO goes on in a new way, sharing current insights and a better understanding the signs of the times, the Book of Mormon and the marvelous way it brings us to Christ, and what we can best do to prepare for the future.

Internet Streaming Benefits

  1. Because of individual recorded sessions, you can view any presentation in the safety of your home at your convenience, day or night, using your medium of choice: Home computer, laptop, or phone.
  2. No hotel or travel inconvenience.
  3.  There are over 250 presentations. Subjects range from spiritual, historical, health, preparedness, and categorically: 1- Book of Mormon Research
    2- Science and Religion
    3- Politics of Liberty
    4- Signs of the Times
    5- Truths of the Gospel
    6- Self-Reliance & Health.
  4. You will have a 3 month window to watch any presentation you desire, in any sequence you desire, and as many times as you fancy to get the most out of the materials.
  5. At the end of the three months, you can continue your Firm Foundation experience by permanently joining the Streaming Service that already has over 250 hours of intensive research covering a variety topics.
  6. It is the “Deal of the Century”.  ‘Individual Passes’ are only $40.00.  After registration, you will be sent a password by way of e-mail.  (That is 16 cents per conference presentation.) ‘Family Passes’ are $80.00. You will be sent 6 passwords by e-mail.  (That is 5 cents per presentation per password. The price of an ice cream cone in the 1950s.)
  7. The presenter’s often share their contact information so that participants can interact with them.

A “No Brainer”

Where can you get more good information for less?  I think nowhere.  The information presented will be relevant for the challenging and exciting times in which we live.  How blessed we are to have this internet intercession, turning bad into good.

I have been working for months on my presentation and pulling together the most needful information that I believe will be most useful for you.  They will be videoing my presentation on Friday afternoon (10 April 2020) and it should be posted that evening on the streaming service.  If it does not appear on Friday evening, it will be posted by Saturday.

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Click Here to Register.  Do it today as registration closes on April 7th.

The big disadvantage with the ‘Streaming Format’ is that we will not be able to see each other.  The association with each other is valuable, as ‘like minded people’ have an opportunity to join and mingle together twice a year. There is strength in being able to do so. However, the Lord has provided a way for important messages to get out to his children, for which we are grateful.

Know of our love and prayers in behalf of you and all of Father’s children.  This great gospel will go to all the world in due process, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord.  Let us live and share what we know to be true.  The gospel is not only the “good news,” it is the BEST NEWS.

Faithfully yours,

David W. Allan