Inspiration for Book Cover

God inspired me to write the book, It’s About Time, and the following tells you of the inspiration He gave us for the cover of the book along with the Title and subtitles appropriate to the content.

My dear friend, Chauncey Riddle, called me and asked, “Where did you get the cover for your book?” I replied that I had given some ideas to our grand-daughter,
Rachel Oliveri, and son-in-law, Kevn Lambson,  and they created the art work and layout.  He informed me that he had been shown that the eight-pointed star is the star of Christ.

Star of Christ

I find this most profound. I see the vertical and horizontal rays of the
star are symbolic of the cross of Christ. As He was lifted up upon the
cross, then the other four rays denote Him drawing all men unto Him from the
four-corners of the earth (John 12:31-34; 3 Nephi 27:13-22). Notice, the
vertical ray comes up out of the darkness up to a shining light —
symbolizing Him bringing us out of darkness as we follow the light of

Star of David

The Israelis invited me to help them develop their atomic-clock official
timing system. While there I learned of the significance of the Star of
David. The triangle pointing up denotes us praying to God. The triangle
pointing down denotes God talking to us. When the two come together, then
we have God in our midst or the ideal Zion society.

It’s About Time Book

The book tells what to do to be part of the Bride to meet the Bridegroom and have that society. The Roman numeral clock gives the feeling of coming from ancient time to now
as we prepare for His glorious Second Coming and you will learn from the
book where we are in God’s time – the most exciting time in history.

The grid denotes space. The book shares how we can transcend space and time
and move into the fifth dimension where God and His angels do their work to
bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of Father’s precious sons and
daughters, whose children we are with the potential to become like our
Heavenly Parents.

The book teaches how to tap into this dimension, where we
can learn the TRUTHs of God. Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation and
exaltation is perfect in the midst of all our imperfections. INSPIRING AND
MARVELOUS! All that He does is motivated by love; how to love is the core
message of the book. Therein is the greatest joy in time and in eternity.

David W Allan