How to Avoid Joint Pain

Joint pain can become so debilitating that often the simplest of  tasks cannot be accomplished without great effort. Shoulder pains, hip pains, back pains, knee pains, etc. are all too common.

Our bones and tendons generate electricity when used. If they are used properly in all dimensions in which the Lord designed them then that diminishes the chances of joint pain. The importance of this principle to your health is amazing and shows intelligent design. The lack of understanding by almost everyone — including the medical community – has led to a massive amount of pain, suffering, and medical costs.

I just learned about the importance of this principle in Dr. David Williams’ November 2017 issue of his monthly newsletter for the “Health Conscious Individual,” Alternatives.  As Dr. Williams points out, this information is not taught in medical schools. I have made many beneficial changes in my exercise program as a result of what I have learned.

Game Changing Research

Dr. Williams shares the game-changing research of John M. Kirsch M.D., who has written the book, Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention; I just got Dr. Kirsch’s book today; it is a small technical book, but with lots of pictures. The implications of his research are very far reaching – both for our health and for our pocket books.  His solution costs next to nothing.  A rotator-cuff operation costs about $20,000!  Since there is essentially no money in Dr. Kirsch’s solution, it is not being pursued. Sound familiar?  Dr. Kirsch wrote his book as “a moral obligation” to reach to those “people who need it now… those with shoulder pain.”

Our shoulders are a prime example of the importance of this research, but the effect is general for our body health. Dr. Williams shows a picture in his newsletter of the anatomy of a human shoulder. It is fascinating that when you lift your arms vertically, a second joint is made functional. God made this amazing functionality so that we could climb trees, swing from a monkey bar, swim, throw rocks, and reach for the heavens!

Use It or Lose It

As our bones are stretched and compressed, they send voltage signals to the body, so that our bodies can both function optimally and even increase in performance – like a weight lifter trying to increase his/her capacity.  We become better at whatever we are doing as we practice. If we don’t use it, we lose it.  That part of the body atrophies when we don’t use it.

As a dramatic example of atrophy, Dr. Marion Diamond documents in her book, Magic Trees of the Mind, that a child is born with the ability to learn any language. If immersed in all languages, a child could learn them all. But like a muscle, if we don’t use it we also lose it; hence, we only learn the language in which we are immersed, and the brain atrophies for the others.

Dr. Diamond also showed that you can grow the brain at any age.  It is just harder as we get older, and there are a lot of things we do which kill neurons, (dementia and alzheimers) which can be avoided. The same analogy works for the bones, tendons, muscles, etc. in our bodies; they atrophy if we don’t use them – often resulting in pain a joint replacement surgery.

Avoid Pain and Suffering

Dr. Kirsch suggests hanging from a bar for 30 seconds three times a week to keep that second shoulder joint functional. He indicates that most of the rotator cuff surgeries could be avoided if people would do something as simple as this hanging exercise.  He also suggests complementing this simple exercise afterword lifting 5 pound dumb-bells from the side and from the front up to 30 times as you build strength of the muscles in the rotator cuff area.

Like hip and knee replacements, developing shoulder replacements is the next big “gold mine” for the medical community, as Dr. Williams points out, and as Dr. Kirsch shows for our shoulders, most of this could be avoided – removing much of pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

Knowing that the Lord designed our bodies to heal, I believe that these concepts can be extrapolated to all the joints with great benefit.  I have seen with myself and others that riding a bike is great knee therapy and can reverse and bring healing there.  Along with joints, back injuries can be healed as well.

The exercise goal then is to flex all the joints through their full range of motion causing compression and stretching of the bones and to do it aerobically, isotonically, and isometrically. I use 3 or 5 pound weights in my hands, utilizing Newton’s Second Law, F=ma (Force equals mass times acceleration), even though the mass is small, if the acceleration is large then there is a large force on the muscles, tendons, and bones. A sudden jerk with a five pound weight in your hand can cause a large force. It is miraculous how the Lord has designed the body to adapt to different usages and demands put upon it.

I feel greatly blessed, because much of my past exercise program has included many of these suggestions of Dr. Williams and Dr. Kirsch, but I have added several others with this new realization and following the above guidelines and have already seen benefits.  I have a fun personal goal to keep my grandsons humble; I work to be able to do more chin ups or pull ups than they can. So far I have succeeded with each family reunion!

Avoid Osteoporosis

One of the contributors to brittle bones and osteoporosis is a lack of the bones being exercised in dynamic ways. When they are so exercised, they electrically signal the body to help keep them strong and resilient. I mountain bike frequently on some pretty tough trails, and it is not infrequent that I take a tumble, but almost never get hurt. I have both learned how to fall and my bones are strong at 81 years of age.

Vitamins K2 and D

As I discuss in my book and on this website, most Americans are vitamin K2 deficient, as we tend not to eat fermented foods. Vitamin K2 puts calcium in the right places (our bones) and takes it from the wrong places, as explained in the above link. It, along with vitamin D are essential to bone health – avoiding osteoporosis and weakened immune system. It is important to supplement with these two vitamins. At latitudes like the continental USA, we don’t get enough vitamin D in the late fall, winter, and early spring, because the UV-B-band from the sun bounces off of the atmosphere, which is our sunshine source of this essential vitamin.

During the holiday season, some call it the cold and flu season. It correlates perfectly with the vitamin D deficiency season. We should supplement during this time with 5000 IU of vitamin D3. Section 7.5 of my book documents that table sugar is a slow poison, directly effects the immunity system, and can create vision problems as well. All the sweets consumed during this season contribute significantly to the cold and flu problem.

Body – Mind – Spirit

I am inspired by the miraculous design of our bodies. I believe for optimum health of body, mind, and spirit, we need to nourish and exercise all three. Then the abundant life and joy in the journey are ours as promised by the Lord. (John 10:10; 15:11) I find it fascinating that living the first two great commandments is where we find the most joy. (Mark 12:30-31) I pray that we may all nourish and exercise well our bodies, minds, and spirits.

David W. Allan