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How to Avoid Joint Pain

Joint pain can become so debilitating that often the simplest of  tasks cannot be accomplished without great effort. Shoulder pains, hip pains, back pains, knee pains, etc. are all too common.

Our bones and tendons generate electricity when used. If they are used properly in all dimensions in which the Lord designed them then that diminishes the chances of joint pain. The importance of this principle to your health is amazing and shows intelligent design. The lack of understanding by almost everyone — including the medical community – has led to a massive amount of pain, suffering, and medical costs.

I just learned about the importance of this principle in Dr. David Williams’ November 2017 issue of his monthly newsletter for the “Health Conscious Individual,” Alternatives.  As Dr. Williams points out, this information is not taught in medical schools. I have made many beneficial changes in my exercise program as a result of what I have learned.
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