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Trust in the Lord – A New Discovery




Learning to trust in the Lord, and not “the arm of flesh,” is fundamental to our mortal journey.  I have been studying this phase for decades because of its importance.  In the early morning hours of 25 January 2019, the Lord gave me a new discovery on how it harmonizes the King James Version of the Bible (KJB) and is an inspiring example of the divinity of this great book.

King James Bible Message

There are exactly 1189 chapters in the KJB – which number aligns perfectly with Psalms 118:9, which is the main message of the KJB, “Trust in the Lord.”  Then the Lord also puts this phrase, “Trust in the Lord,” back to back in the previous verse, Psalms 118:8.  Then I was additionally shown that by Divine design the center chapter of the entire KJB is Psalms 117:1-2, and that there are 594 chapters before this chapter and 594 after, and 594 + 594 = 1188, which aligns perfectly with Psalms 118:8.  So the main message of the KJB, “Trust in the Lord” is highlighted by the Lord in the total number of chapters and by the center chapter.  What does Psalms 117 say?
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