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Water Benefits – The Remarkable Cure

water benefitsAre you dehydrated?  Most are, and science has now shown that in large measure today’s ills are the consequence.  People have a difficult time getting good water!  What is the solution?

It seems too good to be true but from a preventative as well as curative point of view that drinking enough good water can prevent an impressive number of ills; some of which are:

Digestive systems problems, pain from arthritis, lower back, neck, angina and headaches; stress-related problems and depression; high-blood pressure and hypertension, and many heart problems; excess body, obesity, and over-eating problems; asthma and allergy problems; nerve disorder, including multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia; both insulin-dependent and insulin independent diabetes and improper tryptophan balance; and including the big C (cancer).

You Are Not Sick – You Are Thirsty

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