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How Do I Receive Personal Revelation

What does personal  revelation mean? One definition of personal revelation is: “Direct communication from god to an individual.” As a scientist, I say that personal revelation is like having your own GPS connected to Heavenly Father. You may ask, How do I receive personal revelation and tap into to my unique GPS.  Let me explain:


GPS is a great tool, and it was exciting being part of its development. It allows us to find our way in this physical universe of time and space. However, time and space are mortal constraints and can be a distraction if we become to dependent upon them.  Personal revelation is not limited by time nor space. God and His angels are not limited in time and space; neither need we be.

My Personal Revelation GPS Experience

While on a business trip, I found that I have a personal GPS that is more fine tuned than any physical tool, such as a GPS receiver or a cell phone .

In 2015 I was invited to give a key note talk, write a paper, and chair a panel at an international navigation conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.  My initial feelings were not to go. That represented a lot of work and traveling at my age is not easy; plus, I would know very few people there as it was not the time and frequency community, which is where I have spent my career.
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