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The Sacrament and the Resurrection

We ask the question, “Does the sacrament, and the scriptures describing its great importance, tie to the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior?”

All who know the scriptures know how important the sacrament is for turning our hearts to what Christ has done for us, is doing for us, and will do for us. Similarly, all who know the scriptures know that the resurrection is the best-documented miracle in the history of the earth, and it is the capstone to the seven steps of the infinite atonement  wherein Jesus brought to perfection Heavenly Father’s Plan of Happiness.

The Gospel of John

Last Sunday, as part of our home sacrament meeting worship service, we pursued that question.  We read chapters 6 and 7 and 17 in the gospel of John.

As Jesus prayed as recorded in John 17, that prayer was fulfilled in part with the people here in America as he visited them after His resurrection and introduced the sacrament to them.  He also shared the Sermon on the Mount  with also similar words, but with some significant differences (3 Nephi 12, 13, 14) as he did with the Hebrews in the Holy Land (Matt. 5-7).  They internalized his teachings and the sacred promises he gave with the sacrament and they became a pure-in-heart (Zion) people.  The description of how they were filled with His light in answer to His prayer in John 17 is beautifully shared in Chapter 19 of Third Nephi.
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