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COVID-19 Facts and Cures

In this blog article, I share Ten Salient Insights on COVID-19  and some Unique Remedies.

This was originally posted 1 May 2020.  A year later, I find the facts are still salient.  COVID-19 is one of many different types of Coronaviruses.  All the world knows of COVID-19 as it has caused a pandemic outbreak of illnesses and deaths. Because this disease has been unknown until now, there have been many speculations and theories — and much of it contradictory — about where and how it started and how it can be contained, avoided, and treated.

Relevant Facts in Science

A not very well-known fact is, that in science, you cannot prove a theory true because you have no way of knowing everything. Only God knows everything, but you can prove a theory false if you have valid falsification data.  For instance, there once was a theory that the world was flat.  It was proven false.  Data that correlate with a theory do not provide validation.  Data may yet be found to prove otherwise. “Line upon line” so to speak.   So, if you have reliable falsification data, you can prove a theory not true; in other words, you can know what is not true!  This allows one to uncover deceits and gain significant insights, if reliable falsification data exist

Let us use these facts to examine the COVID-19 situation.  We also need to ask as health guidelines are given for dealing with COVID-19, do those giving them have an agenda that points towards life and freedom or do they have an agenda that points towards death or enslavement? Do they have an agenda motivated by control, money, or status? Or, is their data honest, based on solid facts and evidence, for no personal gain but only for the greater good.

Based on my research of many who are involved with this new disease, I have found that some individuals have less than honest histories and have agendas that do not promote health, well-being, and freedom as given to us by God, as stated in our inspired USA Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Fortunately, now that enough time has elapsed, there are many that are coming forward with sound data, with no agenda other than honest concern and caring.    It seems in measure to be a battle of the “elite” wanting to make the state sovereign and in control versus having the individual be sovereign as God designed – allowing “free choice” to be paramount in our lives. (2 Nephi 2:25-27) Continue reading COVID-19 Facts and Cures