The Fighting Preacher – Best Movie Ever

The movie “The Fighting Preacher” is one of the best movies I have ever seen – released 24 July to celebrate Pioneer Day in Utah.

How do you capture the nearly 25 years and longest mission ever served in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a movie? This is a true story where the facts are so incredible T.C. Christensen made it a “TRUE STORY”.  He took the information from journals, etc., and did not have to embellish it with any extra scenes.

Family Life of Willard and Rebecca Bean

Christensen has done a great job of capturing the family life of Willard and Rebecca Bean, as they overcame bigotry in enormous measure and ended up being best friends in the community.  President Gordon B. Hinckley, previous President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said of him, “He didn’t know anyone who had made more friends than Willard Bean!”

When you think most wars are started because of bigotry, and this movie shares how they overcome enormous bigotry with love and their unusual talents and Christ like attitudes.

We know the story well having heard their grand-daughter tell the story at several conferences we have attended,  We also have their books and DVD.

Additonal Acknowledgements

Wayne May, archaeologist, and President of the “Ancient Historical Research Foundation”  devoted the Fifth Edition of his series, THIS LAND, with the title “Willard’s Cumorah Land”, which also documents Willard Bean’s life, and his missionary experience, along with this amazing family.

During Willard’s  24 plus years in the area of the Hill Cumorah, which is in upper state New York,  he wrote a book documenting the evidence that this location is indeed the Hill Cumorah that is so important for ratifying the Book of Mormon archeology and history.  My own research leads me to this same conclusion.

As well as a professional boxer, Willard was an outstanding scripturian, and a very good public speaker. These two facts were not included in movie.

An Inspirational Example

If we would all use our time and talents as well as he and his wife, Rebecca, did, we would see exciting growth in the Kingdom of God.

If you like faith promoting, uplifting stories, in the face of extreme opposition, this is your movie.  The best part is, it really happened as T. C. Christensen accurately shares it.  A TRUE “TRUE STORY!”

David W. Allan