The Greatest Love Story Ever

A true prophet follows a divine pattern when he shares the gospel; he shares the creation, the fall, and the atonement.  Prophets have called them the three pillars of eternity.  Because organic evolution has permeated our education system and the world society, many shy away from this divine pattern and these three fundamental pillars, which also impedes telling the greatest love story ever told.

The Fall vs Darwinism

If there is no Adam and Eve and the Fall of mankind, then there is no need for an atonement for a perfect God to overcome the effects of the Fall.  Hence, organic evolution is anti-Christ. The Bible shares the fundamental message of the Fall of mankind, but most scientists reject the Bible story.  For me, it is no coincidence that Darwin was born the same decade as Joseph Smith.  Satan needed a counter-attack on the fundamental Book of Mormon message that would bring the world to Christ and give undeniable evidence of the validity of the Adam and Eve story in the Bible.

Then John Wesley Powell, believing in Darwin, created Social Evolution, which led to “Manifest Destiny.”  The invading Americans could treat the Native Americans as savages, since they were not evolved as far us folks from Europe, and take away the native American’s lands!  Then Engels and Marx, believing in Powell, gave us communism and socialism, who have led massive amounts of people away from God.  Satan never sleeps and now knows it is his last hour, and socialism and organic evolution are two of his main tools.

Perfect, Infinite Love

We all have witnessed the power of love a mother has for her child.  Some say it is the strongest love on the planet.  Who is not deeply-emotionally touched as they see a mother lovingly holding her baby in her arms?  Is it not a picture of perfect love?  Do we not each of us have tender feelings for the mothers who willingly and lovingly went through great pain to bring us into the world?  It is not surprising that more phone calls occur on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year.

As we contemplated God’s love for us, we realize it is greater than any other – even greater than a mother’s love.  His love is perfect and infinite, which we cannot comprehend, but we witness in the scriptural context His love manifest in the gift of His Beloved Son (John 3:16), who has given us the infinite atonement, and we feel it in our hearts.  God’s love perfectly overcomes the effects of the Fall while giving full meaning to the creation.  The infinite atonement manifests God’s love perfecting the plan of salvation and exaltation.  When understood properly, we see the Greatest Love Story Ever as I explain in my book, “It’s About Time”.

Our Present State of Confusion

Because of God’s infinite love for us, He created this earth to give His children a place to progress.  The story of the Fall of Adam and Eve is found in all ancient cultures.  The Adam and Eve story is now not believed by 93% of the leading scientists in America; they believe the Bible is a man-made myth.

These same scientists seem to overlook that you cannot prove a theory true, but if reliable data exist, a theory can be proven false.  The Discovery Institute has done a wonderful job of falsifying the theory of organic evolution, and proving beyond doubt intelligent design in the DNA.  In Chapter six of my book, “It’s About Time “,  I provide reliable data proving Darwin’s theory of organic evolution false, and at the same time several other places in the book I share data validating the authenticity of the Bible.  Ignoring that our ancient ancestors knew of the Fall, most scientists chose to stay with their pet theory.

The Fall of Adam and Eve is fundamental to God’s plan, which gave them the privilege to have children – the family of all the earth.  It is fascinating that DNA studies for dating mitochondrial Eve (the first mother of all living) dates her about six thousand years ago.  Most of the scientists, who view this data, are basically saying, “Throw away the data and go back to our pet theories of organic evolution; we chose to deny God’s word.”

The Savior’s Perfect Plan

With the Fall of Adam and Eve, we are born into a world of good and evil.  This opposition is our opportunity to grow.  Again, in God’s infinite love, as part of His perfect Plan of Happiness, we are given free choice (agency).  We can chose good or evil.  Adam and Eve brought both spiritual and physical death into the world – spiritual because they were cut off from the presence of God and physical because of mortality.  We will see that the Savior’s perfect atonement totally overcame the effects of the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Seven is the number of completeness or perfection in the Lord’s arithmetic, and there are seven steps to the Lord’s infinite atonement that overcame the effects of the Fall.  Amazingly, there are seven sub-steps within each of the major-steps.  As we study them, we come closer to knowing and feeling that infinite love Heavenly Father has for each of us.|

Most people think of the atonement as Christ suffering on the cross for our sins.  It is so much more than that.  The ATONEMENT is the most GLORIOUS MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S LOVE that we can imagine.  IT IS MOST TRIUMPHANT as He overcame death and hell.  The GLORIOUS RESURRECTION is the capstone event bringing us back into the presence of the Lord – perfectly overcoming the effects of physical death brought about by Adam and Eve.

A Fullness of Joy

In His great and last High Priest’s prayer, (John Chapter 17) Christ prayed that we come to believe and be ONE like He and His Father are ONE: AtONEment!  This we do by learning to love like they love us, as we become full recipients of the mercy and grace of the infinite atonement.  As we learn to love like God loves us, then we take on the godly nature of the Father and the Son – choosing good over evil. That path leads us back into the presence of God with our loved ones to be an eternal family with them and with God.  Can we think of a better plan?  I think not.  It explains all that we see and offers a fullness of joy and eternal life to those who will come unto Christ.

David W. Allan