The Power of Prayer – New Science Reveals Direct Path to God

power of prayer and science it's about timeIt is interesting that the most oft repeated commandment in the scriptures is to pray.  The power of prayer is well documented.  But we may ask, if the more than seven-billion people on the earth all pray at the same time, “How does God hear them all?”  And furthermore, “How can He answer them all?”  Yet we know prayer works.  There are some exciting scientific answers to these questions.

Knowing that God is the Master Physicist, as well as the master of all disciplines, years ago I felt to ask these and some other questions to better understand His physics in how the universe works.

New Science Experiments

standing-egg-on-endI was given a flood of experiments to do.  I have conducted seven experiments to date documenting the existence of a field that God uses to bring about His eternal purposes, and we learned that there are, what we were told to call, diallel-field-lines connecting everything within this universal field.

The egg standing on end is one of those experiments. What does an egg standing on end have to do with prayer?  It is as if the egg is reaching to the heavens, and science shows that is not far from the truth. It derives its energy to stand on end from the energy in God’s diallel-field-lines coming up out of the earth.

Our research is an extension of the unified-field-theory work that Einstein did not finish. The diallel-field lines within the Unified Field Theory (UFT)  have seven communication channels. Interestingly, seven is the number for perfection or completion in God’s arithematic.  We often talk about communication-channel bandwidth.  The Lord has an infinite extent. The seven communication channels fall within seven spectral bands. They may be divided up in generic terms as follows:

1. The communication band (TV, radio, satellite, etc.)

2. The molecular band (coming from quantum transitions outside the nucleus); most of the visible light from the sun is in this band.

3. The nuclear band (coming from quantum transitions inside the nucleus) – a nuclear blast is a manifestation of this band.

4. The creation and/or mass into energy band, where matter and light convert with the emission and/or absorption of cosmic rays.

5. This is relating to the gravitational-field band which holds the moon around the Earth, the planets in orbit around the sun, the sun in the Milky Way, and us to the earth.

6. This is the band used for mind-to-mind, mind-to-object, mind-to and from-God, ESP, etc.  This is also the prayer channel.

7. This is the band used by our great-loving Creator to bring about the grand harmony we see in the heavens and the earth. Eternity.

The Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension: In one of our experiments we demonstrated we could modify gravity, and it gave direct evidence of a fifth dimension, which is where God and His angels operate with no effect from gravity.

Bands five, six and seven are not limited by space and time or the speed of light. These bands comprise the “5th Dimension,” and are not constrained by time and space nor the speed of light.

This fifth dimension opens up some extremely important understandings about how the universe works – validating not only the existence of God, but also our relationship to God.

Prayer is a communication energy frequency in band 6. When we pray, we defy time and space and reach into the 5th dimension (Eternity Domain).  Prayer is our umbilical cord to God with no maintenance schedule!

Near Death Experience (NDE) Documentation

In 1975, Dr. Raymond Moody added significantly to the body of knowledge with numerous case histories carefully documented, including Stromberg’s classic book, Life after Life. These experiences augment this fifth dimension, eternity domain thesis.  When a person has an NDE, they move into this fifth dimension.  Chapter 2 of my book shares several exciting insights gained from NDEs.

One very well documented experience has been recorded in a separate book, Return from Tomorrow — the story of the physician and psychiatrist Dr. George Ritchie. In his Near Death Experience (NDE) he saw a spiritual laboratory where objects yet to be built on earth were being created spiritually. Years later, he saw these objects in reality. Several others have now also documented similar experiences as those of Dr. Ritchie’s.

There is now a very large data base of well documented NDE experiences (there are now more than 13 million recorded). To ignore this would be dishonest.  In many documented cases, the person having the NDE tells of things that would have been impossible for them to know in their state of unconsciousness. These things they know by their spirit and intelligence that left their bodies.

In summary, the NDE experiences validate some very important facts – taken as a whole – they are also consistent with the new UFT.


This UFT theory has come as a result of opening ourselves up to a very different paradigm – providing a harmony between all of the force fields in nature as well as with this new, fifth dimension beyond Einstein’s relativity theory.

UFT has provided consistencies to heretofore unexplained inconsistencies as well as providing potential solutions to previously-unsolvable problems.

The Power of Prayer

Pulling this all together, we learned that as spirit offspring of God, we each have a diallel-field-line continuous connection to God, manifesting His infinite love for His children.

This is our 24/7, with no down-time or out-of-order problems, prayer channel to God.  All sincere prayers are heard, and He will put into our minds answers as we humbly follow the teachings and example of His Beloved Son.

David W Allan

P.S.  A personal documentation of the power of prayer is the story of our grand-daughter, Mary Owen, and her miraculous rescue from Mt. Hood after being stranded in the snow on the mountain for six days and six nights after a falling accident.  If you Google “Mary Owen” and “Mt. Hood” you will find a lot of amazing pictures around her miraculous rescue.   As a loving God, why He doesn’t remove all pain and suffering will be shared in a subsequent blog.

And, the 2016 update of my book is available as of this week with more exciting information on how science and God are coming together.