The Star of Christ – An Eight-pointed Star

star of christThis Star appears in the center of my book cover “It’s About Time.”

I gave some ideas of what I wanted on my book cover to my grand-daughter, Rachel Oliveri.  She, with the help of Kevn Lambson, my son-in-law, designed the art work. Both are gifted artists. I explained to them that I wanted the essence of the book cover to express the message that “Light” and “Truth” come from Christ. “He is the way, the truth and the life,” and the Star of David has great significance as well.

I believe Rachel and Kevn were inspired in the artistic development of this book cover to convey the message I desired to you, the reader.

A Little Background

In 1987, my wife and I made a trip to Israel and our tour guide was Danial Rona, a LDS convert from Judaism. He explained that the Star of David is comprised of two over lapping triangles which forms a six sided star. The triangle pointing up denotes us praying to God. The triangle pointing down denotes God talking to us.  When the two triangles come together, then the Messiah is in our midst and we have Zion – the ideal society. 

You can see why The Star of David is on the flag for the State of Israel. This is their ultimate goal.

The star of Melchizedek is eight sided made of two squares. A presentation of this symbol appears more than 10,000 times within the construction and decor of the San Diego LDS temple. This emblem has also been called the “Star of Bethlehem”.

Certain symbols, sounds, numbers and letters remind us to look to our Creator. If we have eyes to see, hearts to feel and ears to hear we will see that “…. all things are created and made to bear record of me….” Moses 6:63.

The Finale

My friend, Chauncey Riddle shared a special experience where he was shown an eight sided star on a blue background and that it was the star of Christ. He was impressed that we had used an eight sided star on the book cover.

I believe the combination of using the six sided star of David and the eight sided star in the center, on a blue circle, was no accident but divine intervention. For me, the star in the middle denotes the Savior bringing us out of darkness into light as we prepare for His Glorious Second Coming. Looking to Him is absolutely the best way we can prepare (See D&C 29:1-2). It feels so good to have the Savior’s fingerprint, as it were, on the cover of my book.

The Lord inspired me to write this book in the first place. Once I asked Him if there was a better book, outside of the scriptures, to counter the secular encroachment on Christianity, and the answer I received was, “No!”

Drawing from 207 world experts and more importantly, guidance from on High, I turned the phrase, “Live and learn” around to, “Learn and live” the abundant life as Jesus promised us in John 10:10. It is the message of “It’s About Time”.


David W Allan

P.S. If there are errors in the book, they are mine!