Manifestation of God’s Love

Aren’t you glad when you see that God is in the details of your life – manifesting His infinite love for you?

Some years ago, Rod Meldrum, a dear friend, introduced us to a man whom Rod had helped in writing a science book. They invited me, a scientist and a devout believer in Christ, to help.  It was a massive project and he had been working on it for a couple of decades.  I didn’t have time at that moment – being involved with other research projects.

During the winter of 2012-13, we felt to go down to Mesa, AZ., with our Fifth-wheel camping trailer and give him the help he needed.  I had also promised another dear friend, Jacqueline Olson, that if I ever went to Mesa I would give a fireside for a group of her friends.

The time was right to accomplish both. However, not wanting to impose on anyone when we got there, we decided to take advantage of Walmart’s offer for people to park in their parking lot. We began working with our friend on the book and Jacqueline invited a great group of people to attend the fireside.  I gave my message on the first Sunday evening we were there.  It was a great evening with lots of excellent questions and good discussion.

The following Tuesday evening we wanted to go to another fireside given by Bruce Porter, who is one of the finest scriptorians I know.  Since Walmart had no camping facilities, we decided to look for a place we could park our fifth-wheel.  So, we packed up our stuff and headed in the direction of the fireside hoping to find a reasonable campground facility. We found none and went on to the fireside.

After the fireside, a gentleman by the name of Stan Ferrin came up to me and asked where we were parking our fifth-wheel.  He had been to my Sunday evening fireside and wanted to help.  He said, “I have a place by my shop, and my brother, Keith Farrin, who is next door has a place as well.  It was ideal, citrus grove with water, electricity, and sewer hook ups and privately fenced. It could not have been better.

It was a manifestation of God’s love for us. THANK YOU LORD, for being in the details of our lives.

David W Allan