Scientific Evidence for Noah’s Flood

enhydro-quartz crystalsScience and religion are coming together through new evidence that Noah’s flood actually happened just as it is written about in the Bible.

There are two basic assumptions made by scientists regarding the geology of the Earth that have led most of them to disbelieve in the Bible.  I show both assumptions are flawed in Chapter 6 of my book.  The first assumption is that things change gradually over time (many millions of years) – the evolutionary assumption.  The second assumption is a spin-off of the first: if you include God, then it is not science.

Both of these assumptions were mainly introduced during the last century.  Earlier scientists typically believed otherwise.  The Bible story tells how God does many important things cataclysmically: the creation, Noah’s Flood, the Earth was divided in the days of Peleg, the many changes in the Earth at the time of the crucifixion of the Savior, and we will see massive cataclysmic events in conjunction with the Second Coming of Christ.

Quartz crystals occur naturally in the Earth and they can be grown synthetically as well.  About four-billion quartz crystals are manufacture per year and are pervasive in essentially all electronic components as filters and oscillators.  Synthetically, they are grown in about a month in an autoclave, where the right pressures, temperatures and mineral deposits can be achieved for optimum crystal growth.

It is fascinating when one studies the Bible that the same conditions as exist in an autoclave existed during the flood under about 3,000 meters of water.  So when we find enhydro-quartz crystals (crystals with water in them) found around the globe, those who understand science and Bible believers are not surprised.

We are actually seeing water from the flood in these enhydro-quartz crystals, which are different from natural-quartz crystals and manufactured ones as well, which have no water in them.  Geologists have a hard time explaining how these enhydro-quartz crystals were formed on a global basis because of their erroneous assumptions.  If you Google “enhydro-quartz crystals,” you can find them on the internet.

Our science book writing friend introduced us to these in February 2013 at the biggest rock show in the world held in Tucson, AZ.  I bought one to show to people as you will see in several of my talks on you tube.  I also explain this in more detail in Chapter 6 of my book.  We are seeing more and more evidence coming forth validating God’s Truths.  My friend’s book will have a whole chapter on Noah’s flood.

Yes… there is physical evidence that Science and religion have come together.  Noah’s flood did happen.  “The Bible told me so!”

David W Allan