Why Did I Write the Book?

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A book about science and religion is a rare combination in today’s world, especially coming from a scientist.  However, I felt inspired to do so and thus took on the task.


Upon returning home from Mesa, AZ., after helping  my  friend with his science book,  I had the strong impression that I should write a book. My friend was some years away from finishing his and I felt as he did, that science without God is not true science.

For me, God is the master physicist, as well as master of any other discipline you care to mention.  Having published a lot of papers and having been involved with writing chapters in several books, I had a good feel for what I was up against in such a task. However, being in my late seventies, I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a book.  Self-aggrandizement was not a motivator, but for me the question was, “Did that impression come from the Lord?”

The other impression I had was, “It needed to be done quickly;” the world needed it now to show a grand harmony between science and religion, and to counter the secular encroachment on the most important unit in time and eternity, the family, as well as on Christian values.  The theory of organic evolution being anti-Christ has created many athiests.

The world needs hope in the midst of the moral decay and the great uncertainties of the future.  I know that the Lord knows the future and to be in step with Him is the greatest opportunity of our existence.

I Needed an Outline

Knowing that if I have a good outline, I can write.  I went up on the mountain on my bike to commune with the Lord, and said, “If you want me to write this book, I need an outline.”  He gave it to me along with the title, so I dove in.  I had already written a lot of resource material I could draw from that accelerated the project significantly.

I also had many other impressions.  While writing,  new and fresh material came into my mind.  I was excited about sharing this with the world.  We live in the most exciting time in history, but there are many false traditions that have crept into the world community that are causing the moral decline.  By exposing them and sharing solutions, my hope was that the book will help the world be a better place and help us better prepare for the Glorious return of our Savior.

Moving Along

By the next winter, I had all but four chapters written.  My wife, Edna, and I decided to go back down to Mesa, AZ, with our fifth wheel, since we had a paradise place to stay due to the kindness of Keith and Patsy Ferrin.

I gave myself a week for each chapter, and they came together well.  The subject of the last chapter was “Out of Whole Cloth.”  I had had not written about the subject before that I could draw from.  However, the Lord had given me the outline.  I sat down that week and wrote it as smoothly as almost anything I have ever written.  My sweetheart, Edna, who was my proof reader at the time said, “Where did you get that?”  I smiled and pointed to the heavens.  It is Chapter 24 in the book, and the article on this web site is a summary of it:  The Time Table of the Lord.

Before leaving Mesa to come home, we had a great visit with our dear friends, Brent and Sarah Hinze.  Since Sarah had published several books  and  knew some of the content of my book, I asked her counsel as to who would be a good publisher for it.  She suggested Boyd Tuttle of Legends Library.

When we got home, I called my good friend, Rod Meldrum, and shared what Sarah had suggested.  He said, “Wait five minutes and you can talk to Boyd; he will be here!”  Sooner than that, Rod had him on the speaker phone with me.  Boyd said that he knew my previous work and would publish my book.

A Providential Meeting

As we were finishing the editing toward the end of June 2014, my sweetheart suggested we go to the temple.  We went to the Provo Temple and did an endowment session and  sealings for some of our family.  We were delighted when we discovered our sealer was Chauncey C. Riddle.

I told him that I was just finishing a book and what I had learned from him some 60 years ago in a philosophy of religion class was in the book. It was one of the most meaningful classes I have ever taken.  He said he wanted to read it, and I asked if he would be willing to critique it since we were just finishing up the editing.  He said he would be happy to.

That was a Wednesday.  The next Sunday, I e-mailed him my best efforts of the 411 pages of text. He called me the next Tuesday and said he had finished and had some comments and some questions.  I was astounded.

We invited him to dinner and my sweetheart fixed him a lovely meal that evening. He shared with us some most meaningful comments.  I ended up writing Chapter 25 as a result of his input and he kindly agreed to write the Foreword.  We saw the hand of Providence in this meeting and have become best friends through the book.

Further Support

Several members of the family and some dear friends have helped with this project and I am deeply grateful for them and for their assistance. I am very grateful for our gifted grand-daughter, Rachel Oliveri, for drawing the cover. Our son-in-law, Kevn Lambson, another gifted artist, did the layout and helped with the front cover as well.  Our oldest son, Sterling, provided some unique perspectives and many helpful edits along with my wife, and our second daughter, Karie Clingo, gave me some great suggestions.  Publisher Boyd Tuttle’s brother, Dave, has provided some very valuable edits as well.

In the book, I turn the phrase, “Live and learn,” around into, “Learn and live” the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10.  This abundance is in all three dimensions of our beings: body, mind, and spirit.  Our emotions are a coupling of these three dimensions, and our goal is to be one with the Lord as the Savior prayed in John Chapter 17.  Then only can we be truly emotionally healthy and have the hope of partaking of the fullness of joy the Lord promises along with the greatest of happiness during our mortal journey.

I have learned that people are generally more interested in entertainment than in learning.  The scriptures are about God’s path to the greatest happiness here and a fullness of joy in the eternities.  I believe my book is compatible with that path.  I believe that if anyone will read my book with integrity, they will be drawn closer to the Lord and His divine purposes for them.  As with Alma, “This is my joy.” (Alma 29:9)

The book, It’s About Time, is my effort in bringing science and religion together.  My hope is that it is pleasing to Him and will accomplish the purposes for which He inspired me to write it in the first place.

David W. Allan