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Book of Mormon – Where We Are and What is Coming

On Monday, February 10th 2020, a fireside was held in Fountain Green. Presentations were given by Rod Meldrum of Book of Mormon Evidence and myself.  Rod’s address was entitled “The Book of Mormon Current as the Daily News”. My focus was: “The Book of Mormon tells US Who and Where We are, and What is Coming”.  Here, US means the United States of America as well as “us.”

The Incredible Value of the Book of Mormon

Rod Meldrum and I shared “The Incredible value of the Book of Mormon that tells US where we are and what is coming.”  Again, US stands for United States. The main writers of the Book of Mormon are Nephi, Jacob, Mormon, and Moroni.  They saw our day. What was compiled and written by them is what will best help us prepare for the Lord’s coming – bringing about the fulfillment of the covenants of the Father and gathering Father’s children into the Fold of God that they may partake of a fullness of joy and eternal life.

Fulfilling of Mormon Scripture

Rod shared some amazing insights on how many Book of Mormon scriptures are being fulfilled before our vary eyes. While the media is biased, the scriptures are both clear and accurate. I highly recommend you get Rod’s DVD, which happens to also be the  title of his lecture, “The Book of Mormon Current as the Daily News”. It can be purchased from the bookstore on his site: Book of Mormon Evidence Bookstore.   Note: I have purchased some copies of this particular DVD in bulk and you are welcome to get them from me for $5.00, if it is convenient for you.

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Why Did I Write the Book?

Get The Book

A book about science and religion is a rare combination in today’s world, especially coming from a scientist.  However, I felt inspired to do so and thus took on the task.


Upon returning home from Mesa, AZ., after helping  my  friend with his science book,  I had the strong impression that I should write a book. My friend was some years away from finishing his and I felt as he did, that science without God is not true science.

For me, God is the master physicist, as well as master of any other discipline you care to mention.  Having published a lot of papers and having been involved with writing chapters in several books, I had a good feel for what I was up against in such a task. However, being in my late seventies, I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a book.  Self-aggrandizement was not a motivator, but for me the question was, “Did that impression come from the Lord?”

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Manifestation of God’s Love

Aren’t you glad when you see that God is in the details of your life – manifesting His infinite love for you?

Some years ago, Rod Meldrum, a dear friend, introduced us to a man whom Rod had helped in writing a science book. They invited me, a scientist and a devout believer in Christ, to help.  It was a massive project and he had been working on it for a couple of decades.  I didn’t have time at that moment – being involved with other research projects.

During the winter of 2012-13, we felt to go down to Mesa, AZ., with our Fifth-wheel camping trailer and give him the help he needed.  I had also promised another dear friend, Jacqueline Olson, that if I ever went to Mesa I would give a fireside for a group of her friends.
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