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Healthy Habits – Healing 8 Health Challenges

Healthy Habits It's About Time This is the last post in the “Heathy Habits” series. In addition to the health challenges discussed in previous posts, I have also dealt with these 8 additional health issues.
1.    Arteriosclerosis
2.    Arthritis
3.    Constipation problems
4.    Dementia
5.    Knee injury
6.    Cancer
7.    Prostate challenges; and
8.    Excessive epistaxis (nosebleeds).

 Cancer and Prostate Challenges

I have a whole chapter in my book, It’s About Time, on cancer.  Here, I will cover highlights.  Dr. Leonard Coldwell has helped to cure more cancer patients than any other doctor on the planet, there is a seven minute synopsis on YouTube of what he suggests for people to overcome this enormous health challenge.

The American diet is meat and dairy centered, which moves the body acidic.  A plant diet moves the body to a more alkaline state.  Dr. T. Simoncini in Italy has written a book, Cancer is a Fungus: A Revolution in Tumor Therapy, and a summary of his book is as follows: “On the basis of the scientific considerations in this book which demonstrate that cancer is caused by fungal masses (of the Candida type), sodium bicarbonate is the only useful remedy that is now available for healing the disease.”  He also has had great success.
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Healing Shoulder Pain

It is surprising how many individuals are unaware that healing shoulder pain is possible. It is ironic that when I wrote the blog article How to Avoid Joint Pain”, I subsequently developed pain in my left shoulder, and I had been exercising consistently, so I wondered why?

Seeking an answer to my question, “Why”?

I went back and reviewed Dr. John M. Kirsch’s book, “SHOULDER PAIN? The Solution & Prevention.”  Dr. Williams suggested from Dr. Kirsch’s work, hang from a chin-up bar for 30 seconds three times a week. Paying closer attention to details related to my problem, I found some additional important answers to my shoulder pain problem.

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