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Mormon Sugar Consumption

Sugar consumption in Utah has increased to epidemic levels. More than 60 percent of Utahans are Mormon, who generally refrain from coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco. However, sugar treats are an acceptable, an ever-present component at family and LDS church gatherings. According to Bloomberg, a research company, Utah is known now as the “Sweet Tooth Capital of the United States,” consuming twice as much candy than any other state in America.

Sugar-Laced Soda

If  BYU is any indicator of Soda consumption within the predominate LDS populace, Mormons rank very high in consuming sugary soda as well. As stated in the Daily Universe, the school’s newspaper, “Culturally it is almost a fad to be drinking soda constantly within the LDS demographic.”

More than a dozen soda shops have opened in Utah County since 2013. On a weekday in July, Swig, successful soda shop served 838 customers.

Perhaps you have heard the bad joke; the way to tell a Mormon from a non-Mormon is by the temperature of their caffeine.

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