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Herbal Remedies and Priesthood Blessings

In the days ahead, I believe having a strong immunity is very important and trusting in the Lord to be imperative.  In His infinite capacity to do so, He lovingly blesses our lives according to that which will best be for our eternal good.  Here I share some personal experiences of herbal remedies and priesthood blessings that have been monumental for me in my mortal journey.  But this I know, His blessings cover body, mind, and soul – respecting our agency (free choice).  Life’s challenges are for our growth.  He never said it would be easy, and He will force no man to heaven; if He were to do so, it would not be heaven.”

Arrhythmia Problem

On January 1st, 1999, I was inadvertently poisoned while we were on our mission in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa.  It caused a significant heart arrhythmia problem.  When I got home the following March and had a physical exam, the doctor said, “This is life-threatening.  You have two choices: you can be operated on or be on medication for the rest of your life.”  I said, “I like the third choice.” To get a priesthood blessing and look at naturopathic and herbal opportunities.  I found several herbs and specifically Hawthorne Berry Juice.  Interestingly, and we have a lot of Hawthorne trees in our county.  After about three months the arrhythmia was gone. THANK YOU, LORD!
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What I Have Learned Since My Heart Attack

It has been a little over five months since I had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. That little trip resulted in quadruple, open-heart, bypass surgery. Since then, “Heart Health” and “General Health” have been uppermost on my mind which, has lead me to undertake hours of research. (I have provided a link below in which I share my research.)

What I Have Come to Appreciate

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How To Avoid A Heart Attack – Number One Killer

The topic of “How To Prevent a Heart Attack” comes a little too late for many who have suffered a surprise attack. No one ever believes it will happen to them, that is, until it takes place.

On 1 August 2016, my attention was dynamically focused because of a heart attack. I thank the Lord for it as I have learned a ton and many blessings have come out of it. Knowing what I know now, I believe I wouldn’t have needed a zipper up my sternum as a result of doctors performing open-heart surgery which required a quadruple by-pass. I believe what I have learned is important for you.

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